It can certainly be disconcerting to find an unexplained fluid leak in your vehicle. The automotive experts at Willis Volvo Cars in Des Moines, IA want to help you to understand how to diagnose and fix any fluid leaks.

The most common fluid leak is engine oil. Distinguishing features of engine oil include a brown or black color, a slickness, and a slightly burnt smell. Another common fluid leak is antifreeze. This would likely come out of the exhaust pipe at the back of your vehicle. Antifreeze will appear red or green in color.

Transmission fluid will appear red and smell like gasoline. This type of leak will appear close to the middle of the vehicle. If you think that you are leaking transmission fluid, you need to take your vehicle to a mechanic immediately. The leak may be an indicator of a more serious engine problem that could be costly if not addressed right away.

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