You can have a vehicle that has all the right exterior features when you choose the Volvo V90. We have these popular luxury wagons in stock here at Willis Volvo Cars, and we’re confident that you’ll look forward to going for a test drive after seeing a Volvo V90 in person.

The power-retractable exterior mirrors have been added to make turning and changing lanes safer while also enhancing the vehicle’s overall visual appeal. You can retract the right and left mirrors to fold inward by pushing a button so that you’ll be able to go through a carwash or drive through a particularly narrow space without causing damage to your mirrors.

During your test drive in Des Moines, IA, you can also try out the power-operated panoramic roof. Instead of rolling down a window, this exterior feature can be opened or tilted with the push of a button so that you’ll be able to enjoy the fresh outdoor air.

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