Routine maintenance is essential when you want to keep your car and its parts in good shape. Still, tire rotations might take a backseat in people's minds to oil changes and coolant exchanges, but the service is necessary. Moving tires from side-to-side or switching from the back to the front helps keep tire wear even.

Why are tire rotations necessary? Uneven wear on the tires speeds up the wearing down Of the treads. Once the treads get too low, the tires are not safe for driving. Low treads also affect traction and handling, which isn't optimal when you want a smooth and safe ride.

Refer to the owner's manual to determine when to bring a vehicle in for service. Usually, tire rotations are done every 5,000 miles. Getting rotations done with an oil change is not uncommon in Des Moines, IA.

The service team here at Willis Volvo Cars is ready to rotate your tires. Call us for an appointment.

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