There is a lot to analyze when deciding what vehicle is right for you. Maybe you are a person that likes to drive only on occasions that you deem necessary. Driving to work, the vet and the grocery store would probably fall into this category. People drive their automobiles for several reasons. Look around Des Moines and you will see all sorts of them. One popular luxury sedan that shares the roadway is the impeccable Volvo S60.

Those of us at Willis Volvo Cars are especially impressed with the many safety features that come standard in the S60. Forward collision warning and pedestrian detection are two that make sense. It can be difficult even for the most attentive drivers to see everything on the roads. The features are practical as they truly help out. Other notable safety features include forward automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning and a rearview camera among others. Test drive the S60 to experience the vehicle in action.


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