The new Volvo V60 Momentum has a name that speaks volumes. This particular sports wagon is at the pinnacle of its class and for good reasons. From its dynamic wishbone suspension to its front-wheel-drive attributes, excellent ride quality can be accessed when you get behind the wheel of this Scandinavian beast.

The Volvo V60 Momentum has improved capabilities thanks to Volvo's automotive-engineering team. This popular sports wagon has been constructed with an integral-link setup as well as built with a sophisticated front-suspension layout. All of this innovative madness has enhanced the V60's quality of ride as well as boosted the driving experience. This vehicle will also come equipped with either 18-or 19-inch alloy wheels. In other words, riding in this sports wagon will feel as if you're floating on air. Other features included are Apple CarPlay, navigation and hands-free Siri technology.

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