The Volvo S60 is a top choice with consumers because it offers a number of innovative features. Our team at Willis Volvo Cars in Des Moines, IA is confident that you will be pleased with all that comes with this car. Read more to learn about a few of its exterior features.

The S60 offers retractable side view mirrors. The power-retractable side view mirrors instantly fold after you lock the vehicle. These mirrors can also be folded with the push of a button on the driver's seat. With these innovative mirrors, parking is easier because they can tilt to give you a better view when you're in reverse.

The Volvo S60 features heated windshield washer nozzles. These nozzles prevent the washer fluid from freezing in the wiper blade nozzles. The S60 also comes with door handle illumination that makes it easy to locate the door handles at night. This feature is activated when you unlock your car with the key fob.

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